Op vrijdag 9 november, voor het congres echt van start gaat, kan je s morgens van 9u30 tot 13u een Masterclass volgen. De Masterclasses staan los van het congres, maar behandelen ook het thema moed’ . Voor de twee Masterclasses hebben we gekozen voor internationale sprekers. Hieronder kan je er alles over lezen. 

(Opgelet: je moet je apart inschrijven voor de Masterclass, maar dit kan wel gewoon met het inschrijfformulier wanneer je je voor de rest van het congres inschrijft.)

Marie-Anne Chidiac & Sally Denham-Vaughan

“The Warrior and the Sage: Courage and the concept of Ethical Presence”

This masterclass will explore the notion of courage as ethical presence. We will show how our passion for the Gestalt approach led us to develop a definition of presence as “Energetic Availability and Fluid Responsivity”, (Chidiac and Denham-Vaughan, 2007).  This definition is similar to what Tillich (1952) proposed in his study of “Courage”: that a person with courage is Present in a situation and shows both the situationally appropriate behaviour/action and the ontologically required ethical attitude. Thus courage or ethical presence is therefore what grants us the possibility of overcoming fear, (widespread in our world right now) and of moving forward to positive interconnection and dialogue.

As we reflect on what “Courage” might lead us to do, we also encounter the issue of what Courage might lead us to be. We therefore propose in this masterclass to explore two differing positions that we call “The Warrior” and “The Sage” from both a theoretical and experiential perspective.

We will explore how this work can inform our gestalt practice in psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and organisational consulting practices and hope a broad range of practitioners will attend to share experiences and ideas.

Marie-Anne Chidiac & Sally Denham-Vaughan, March 2018.