To stem the tide of burnout, and the disintegration of sense of self endured by the volunteers working with the refugees.  Caregivers for the Caregivers.  We have compiled a list of Gestalt therapists from all over the world willing to provide a listening ear and other support for those of you in Central and Eastern Europe working with the refugees from Ukraine and other countries.

VOLUNTEERS (go here for the list of volunteers willing to listen and talk)

RESOURCES  (go here for lists of resources for Central and Eastern Europe volunteers.  Send us your suggestions)


Gestalt Therapists helping their colleagues working with Refugees from Ukraine in Central and Eastern Europe

Volunteer — send your contact information to ( to Support and provide a listening ear to your colleagues working with refugees and  Send us Recources ( for working with the Trauma and Stress of this war.


We wereoverwhelmed by the response from you!
The initial lists are online.  We will add volunteers and resources as received.

Worldwide Institute Challenge

Organize Yourselves and Do an Online Webinar or Course on Working with Stress and Trauma.
Many of You Have Experience in Organizing On-line Events
Do It! You organize it will publicize it.

For example, the Gestalt Institute of Ireland organized a comprehensive program ( with staff mobilizing to help.

Take a Couple of Weeks to Organize and Let Us Know — You make it, we’ll send it.

(PS manyof the Gestalt colleagues in Eastern and Central Europe are fluent in English)

A number of you are already doing this and have notified us. “Brilliant!”


For the colleagues in Eastern and Central Europe working with Refugees: We have been in continued contact with Robert van Voren is Chief Executive of Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP ( His organization is working hard to organize lists of translators.  We will keep you posted.

For all you Gestalt therapists who volunteered to provide a listening space, a shoulder, to the caregivers in Eastern and Central Europe working with Refugees, we will keep you informed on any sources and websites for Translators we have found.